Privacy Policy

FLOAT Digital respects your privacy.

When visiting our site, communicating with us, or working with us, we will gather, store and use information about you to improve our website’s performance, manage our operations, and conduct marketing operations. We retain this information for as long as it is reasonably necessary.

We don’t sell your data to third parties, however from time to time, we may use your data in third-party applications to help manage our operations and marketing campaigns.

Automatic data capture
When using our website, we automatically capture information about your computer and network connection. This information may contain details including your domain name, IP address, operating system, browser, screen size, and other identifiable information. We use this information to understand how you use our website and make adjustments to improve your experience on our website. Retaining this information also contributes to our security, and helps us to identify threats and attackers.

Voluntary data capture
We gather and store information that our clients voluntarily give to us in an encrypted partition. For instance, we may use tools like Google Analytics and HotJar to help us monitor user behaviour. When working with clients, we need to understand their customers, business processes, and marketing objectives to get the best results from our services. This information is given voluntarily and you reserve the right to disclose and withhold information when working with us.

Legal obligations
We are required by law to give law enforcement and regulatory authorities information relating to you in the event of a legal request being made. We are obliged to report possible money laundering, fraudulent activity, and other suspicious activity to the relevant law enforcement department.

Legal rights
You may be entitled to certain rights under the GDPR legislation. These include:

You can remove consent, where you have provided it, at any time.
You can ask us to confirm if we are processing your information.
You can ask for access to your information.
You can ask to correct your information if it is wrong.
You can ask us to delete your information.
You can ask us to restrict how we use your information.
You can ask us to help you move your information to other companies.
In certain cases you can ask us to stop using your information.

Contacting us
Please contact hello@float.digital if you have any queries related to our privacy policy.


Senior Architectural 3D Visualisation Specialist

Andrew, is one of our senior visualisation artists at Float and holds Bachelor’s degree in Games Art and Animation from Glasgow Caledonian University. From complex 3D modelling to captivating immersive environments, Andrew’s attention for detail is second only to his passion for solving problems for our clients.

When he’s not creating compelling visualisations, Andrew can often be found fixing his car or playing Baldur’s Gate.


Senior Architectural 3D Visualisation Specialist

Alex, one of our visualisation artists at Float, holds degrees in Product Design from the University of Strathclyde and Digital Documentation & Visualisation from the Glasgow School of Art. From engineering to industrial design, he is experienced in various disciplines, all while harbouring a curious obsession with cracking technical puzzles.

When he’s not busy sketching splines and meticulously tweaking polygons, Alex can often be found fighting with his 7 Iron or attempting to turn his kitchen into a disco.


Architectural 3D Visualisation Specialist

Natasha, a visualisation artist with a MA degree in 3D Design in Virtual Environments from Glasgow Caledonian University, brings her expertise to a wide range of projects, from local gigs to grand masterplans. She dedicates herself to consistently delivering exceptional work across various mediums.

Outside of work, Natasha explores her culinary creativity and dives into the world of video games. She can find herself spending hours battling fierce monsters, and occasionally a dodgy oven.


Senior Architectural 3D Visualisation Specialist

Meet Jo, a senior artist at Float with a 1st class honours degree in Interior and Environmental Design from Duncan of Jordanstone Art School. 

With nearly 15 years of experience in the arch viz industry, Jo joined the Float team in summer of 2021, showcasing her exceptional attention to detail and a passion for bringing clients’ visions to life.

Outside of Float, you’ll find Jo immersed in her favourite hobbies. She loves the art of decorating and upcycling furniture. As a mum of two young boys, Jo also cherishes spending quality time outdoors, exploring the scenic wonders of Scotland.


Client Director

Alastair is our Client Director, with over 15 years of experience as a commercial leader in the field of architectural visualisation. He is hugely passionate about delivering top-tier architectural visualisation and digital engagement solutions that make an impact.

He is always identifying and seizing opportunities for our clients to add value and achieve more; challenging, asking questions and digging deeper to truly understand a client’s objectives and deliver outstanding results. He’s the go-to person to speak to about your 3D visualisation requirements.

When he’s not at Float, he enjoys hillwalking and has enthusiastically taken on the challenge of Munro-bagging. Also, not averse to a late night on the dancefloor.

Andy Pennington

Founder and Creative Director

Since graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2003, Andy has been a visualisation artist for over 20 years. His experience collaborating with designers and his love of storytelling through visualisation has allowed him to hone his craft over the decades.

Andy started Float in 2019 with the intention of creating a highly talented team of collaboration-centric artists. Since then, Float has gone on to win multiple awards for visualisation, producing work for global brands and world leaders alike. He now supports the Float team as the managing and creative director, with a particular focus on quality and narrative.

When not at Float, Andy enjoys Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, and plays competitively on the Scottish competition scene. He’s a Brown Belt in Shotokan Karate and can often be found listening to Chillwave and enjoying a glass of Rioja.